The Firm

The legal partnership of Merino Barrionuevo was established in Málaga in 1967, with its main professional activity being focused on Private and Administrative Law. We provide all our clients (private individuals, businesses or administrative bodies) with full bespoke attention, regardless of their status. Our approach has always been guided by gaining a full understanding of our clients’ businesses and their individual problems, explaining with absolute transparency the methods and objectives to be implemented. In a difficult and constantly changing legal system we are steadfast in our principles that govern the relationship with our clients and all other legal institutions. In all circumstances, we act with honesty and integrity during conflicts and solutions. We have a healthy respect for our professional deontology. Being a lawyer requires both efficiency and ethics. The close relationship that we maintain with our long established clients and those who have joined us in recent times is considered as a reward, and we continue to strengthen the bonds with them based on their experiences.
We have clients, not only legal cases.

  • Luis Merino Bayona

    Licenced as a Bachelor of Law by the University of Granada, Luis Merino the founder partner has been working for the firm since 1967, except for the period during which he became Mayor of Málaga. He has extensive experience in Administrative and Urban Planning Law, as well as Mercantile and Company Law.

  • Juan Barrionuevo Rubio.

    Licenced as a Bachelor of Law by the University of Granada since 1972, and incorporated into this office from that date, Luis Barionuevo has specialised in Civil and Mercantile Law. He has focused predominantly in banking and real estate.

  • Luis Barrionuevo Rubio.

    Licenced as a Bachelor of Law by the University of Granada since 1979. Luis Barrionuevo has been providing legal counselling to both private individuals and companies since 1980. He has extensive experience in Administrative Law, especially in town planning and Compulsory Purchases. He also has extensive experience in Mercantile and Civil law, including company contracts and disputes.

  • Luis Merino Robledo.

    Granted by the law school (ICADE) within the University Pontificia de Comillas, Luis Merino qualified as a Bachelor of Law, with a degree in providing corporate Legal Advice. Since 1995 he has dedicated himself to providing legal advice to Public Administrations, companies and private individuals, specialising in Administrative, Civil and Mercantile Law.

  • Antonio Castillo Adam

    Licenced as a Bachelor of Law by the University of Granada. Working as lawyer since 2001, he has specialized in Civil Law and in legal court procedures.

  • Rocío Rodríguez de la Torre.

    Area of Administrative Law.

  • María Jiménez Fernández

    Area of Family Law, Criminal Law and Civil Liability.

  • Lucía Mira Blázquez.

    Area of Civil Law and Claims.

  • María García-Serón Robledo.

    Area of Civil Law and Claims.


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